Green Solutions: a wide range of services in natural and environmental area.
Green Solutions: a professional team for a sustainable development.

GREEN Solutions S.r.l., a company formed as a  Spin-Off of the University of Udine, is a technical study of environmental consultancy, nature and wildlife.

GREEN Solutions aims to encourage the pursuit of sustainable development, putting at the service of the community knowledge of its expert-team for the protection of natural resources and environmental assets.

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Who we are

Green Solutions is made ​​up of five young freelancers, graduates and skilled in various subjects of wildlife, landscape and environmental issues, an university researcher expert in wildlife, particularly large carnivores, and an university professor relating to the ‘Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’.

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Green Solutions is committed to the research and development of new technologies to improve the study of various environmental components, for their protection and safeguard for real sustainable development.

We are currently developing the software WIRM (Wildlife Risk Manager) designed for analysis of interactions wildlife-human activities.

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