Who we are

Green Solutions is made ​​up of five young freelancers, graduates and skilled in various subjects of wildlife, landscape and environmental issues, an university researcher expert in wildlife, particularly large carnivores, and an university professor relating to the ‘Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’.

Alessandro Visintin Responsible for Environment

He graduated with honors in “Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory” and a PhD in “Economy, ecology and protection of agricultural resources and environmental landscape” at the University of Udine. It deals with processing and GIS modeling , environmental impact assessments, working with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Udine for the study of large carnivores.

Lorenzo Pellizzari Responsible for Environment

Graduated in “Natural Sciences” at the University of Trieste, he received the title of PhD with a major in Bioengineering at the University of Udine. Experienced with numerous botanical work done. Fellow in Bioengineering at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Udine in 2010. Since November 2008 works as Technical Expert AIPIN.

Matteo Del Fabbro Responsible for Wildlife

Graduated with honors in “Nutrition, breeding and animal welfare” at the University of Udine and a PhD in “Science and Agricultural Biotechnology”, an expert on wildlife and birdlife. Ringer with C license and license holder for ringing in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia only for scientific purposes, he has participated in projects such as the national bird ringing “Small Islands; Alps; Prisco.

Matteo Danelon Responsible for Planning of Green Areas

He graduated with honors in “Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory” at the University of Udine, he obtained a master’s degree in “Design of the landscape and green areas” at the University of Turin. It deals with the design and construction of parks and gardens. Since 2009 he is part of the Commission of the City of Gruaro as environmental and landscape expert.

Paolo Tomè Responsible for Web Applications

Graduated in “Nutrition, breeding and animal welfare”, he has collaborated with the Department of Animal Sciences/Food Science (University of Udine) since 8 years for the creation and administration of web application for the management of veterinary cyto-histopathology diagnostic service of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. He was involved in Edulink L.I.V.E. project for the development of a platform for the input and management of all data concerning CEMAC (Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale) Universities and for the trainer of data entry. He is involved with conceptual, logical and physical databases related with veterinary and enviromental fields. Since 2009 he has collaborated with the As.Fa.Ve Association for the realization of an Atlas of Mammals of the Veneto region through the development of a geo-relational database and webgis application for the collection of data relating to the presence of mammals.

Stefano Filacorda Responsible for Education

Researcher at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Udine, professor of livestock ecology, wildlife and wildlife management and hunting. Expert in wildlife and in particular of large carnivores . He is  author of over 60 publications in the field of livestock and wildlife ecology; rapporteur and co-rapporteur of over 40 dissertations.

Green Solutions occasionally employs external collaborators such as geologists, foresters, engineers and architects, and works closely with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Udine.