Green Solutions is committed to the research and development of new technologies to improve the study of various environmental components, for their protection and safeguard for real sustainable development.

We are currently developing the software WIRM (Wildlife Risk Manager) designed for analysis of interactions wildlife-human activities.

It will be a tool for predicting and calculating the risk of interaction between these two components which combines the purposes of environmental-conservation aspects related to safety and the reduction of the cost that these interactions have on human activities.

WIRM is a modular application that consists of 4 main stand-alone modules:

  1. BS (Birdstrike): for the avifaunistic data storage of the airport and the processing Birdstrike Risk Assessment with the calculation of risk indicators and the identification of specific deterrence systems / mitigation and risk reduction;
  2. Psf (Power Supply & Facility): for the calculation of the probability of interaction between wildlife and ecological systems and facilities and energy infrastructure and identification of alternative solutions and / or forms of deterrence / mitigation;
  3. WRs (Way Road): for the creation of risk maps of horizontal traffic, identification of appropriate design solutions for infrastructure and the creation of new systems of deterrence / mitigation;
  4. FA (Farm Activities): for the creation of risk maps in relation to the presence of agro-livestock which may be damaged by the presence of species of wildlife (large carnivores, ungulates) and its identification of mitigation systems / adequate deterrence.

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