Green Solutions wants to try to convey the principles of sustainable development through respect of  environment and neighbor, and the protection of nature and the land in which we live.

Green Solutions, with its team of a well-known university researcher, lecturer in various university courses, and graduates with specializations in scientific subjects achieved through PhDs, research grants and university masters, is able to offer a service of environmental education at all school levels, from primary school to secondary, university courses and seminars for adults.

Our business is the application of practical techniques on the study of nature, deepening those concerning the monitoring of mammals, insects and birds, especially the connection with the habitats frequented in the ecological vision of the whole.

We organize courses in collaboration with public and private institutions such as municipalities, provinces, environmental companies, managers of parks and natural areas such as regional sections of the CAI and the WWF, the park authorities of the Julian Alps and the Dolomites of Friuli, the Village of Bears in Stupizza, the Natural Reserve of Lake Cornino, etc..

In addition we can offer to public institutions the training and education of their employees on environmental issues and wildlife.