Management plans for territorial-wildlife

Plans for wildlife-hunting

Vocation Projects, reintroduction and restocking

Analysis and study of wildlife resources
in particular of the main wild animal species, including ungulates and large carnivores ( bear, wolf, lynx ).

Census and wildlife Monitoring
in areas of natural interest and relevant animal species (ungulates, large carnivores, birds), with eventual capture and radiocollaraggio animals.
Risk maps and suitability .

Activities and research projects and scientific dissemination
in collaboration with the University of Udine.

Designing interventions to improve environmental
restoration of wetlands, hedgerows, parks … for the protection and preservation of local wildlife.

Predictive models and software
for the management of wildlife and for the prevention of impacts on human activities.

Technical assistance
to private valuations and estimates of damages from wildlife to human activities (damage to crops, livestock, car accidents …), the design of fences and advice on techniques and tools for defense against potentially harmful species (fox, wild boar, bear , lynx …).

Technical advice
to game management districts, hunting, wildlife management companies and companies of farmhouse-hunting.

Advice and personalized assistance to airport operators regarding bird strikes