We citizens of tomorrow

Environmental-wildlife education within the project “We citizens of tomorrow.”

Principal: Pagnacco Primary School

Year: 2009-2010

In 2009 and 2010 many outdoor activities have been carried out with primary classes of Pagnacco School in a discovery-exploitation project of Lazzacco’s peat bog, a protected biotope of great naturalistic interest, located a few kilometers in the north of Pagnacco town. The course, within the larger project “We citizens of tomorrow”, began in Autumn 2009 and continued with a number of guided tours of the bog until the early Summer 2010. Students were introduced to the study of ecosystems with an innovative perspective, by applying monitoring techniques typical of university research: 2 daily sessions were conducted to capture the avifauna through mist-nets (in Autumn and in Spring), repeated sessions of camera-trapping, insect sampling with pitfall traps , … The outputs have from time to time touched on issues as diverse as wildlife vegetation, the study of habitats and ecosystems, following the natural seasonal changes in the environment of the bog.

The work carried out and the dedication of teacher and students of Pagnacco primary school contributed the gold medal in the competition Greenfactor 2011 for the promotion ideas of the municipal territory.