Bird Strike Risk Assessment – FVG Airport

Environmental study of the Ronchi dei Legionari Aeroport (FVG): an assessment of hazard and risks related to birdstrikes.

Principal: Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport

Year: 2009




In order to properly assess the objective risks of birdstrikes and to develop effective procedures to mitigate the phenomenon, it has been developed not only an analysis of the hazard linked to bird species, but also to sources of attraction, inside and outside the airport perimeter, especially in relation to the data collected in 2008, in which the number of birds and of aircraft accidents increased significantly. The risk-assessment process is joined to this first study in order to lead to the identification of bird species with the highest hazard, with the highest risk areas of the airport and the periods most prone to accidents of this type.

The risk analysis was performed thanks to Aviation Safety Ranking Value (ASRV) for the species observed during 2008 in order to obtain a classification of the different species and to understand its potential hazard to air traffic. In this analysis, a GIS analysis has been supported by kernel to identify the airport areas most critical (hot spots) and the calculation of the Mean Mass Density Bird (MBMD), an index of bulk density of birds reported in meter square.

This one, besides the identification of the critical areas with greater presence of animals, has an estimate of gravity of damages that could potentially be caused by a flight in transit through the same areas.In the end, there have been some proposals of management decisions aimed at lowering the probability of accidents with birds.