Monitoring of Galliformes and Raptors in the Carnic Alps

Monitoring of alpine Galliformes and of Diurnal Raptors, according to the Project for the preparation of the management plan of ZPS IT3321001 Carnic Alps as well as SIC IT3320001 Group of Coglians Mount, SIC IT3320002 Dimon  Mounts and Paularo, SIC IT3320003 Creta di Aip and Sella di Lanza, SIC IT3320004 Auernig Mount and Corona Mount and for the performance of monitoring according to the art. 8 of  L.R. N° 7/2008.

Principal: E-laser S.r.l., Via J. Linussio 51, Udine; FVG Autonomous Region


year: 2010 The project involved the design and implementation of a monitoring program on Alpine Galliformes (partridge, hazel grouse, ptarmigan, black grouse and capercaillie) and raptors (especially golden eagle and peregrine falcon), divided into monitoring schemes aimed at: to collect geo-referenced data on the distribution and size of the populations; to develop annual indices on a local scale based on the size of the populations; to suggest management strategies in order to maintain, restore and enhance populations and their habitats.

During 2010 there were repeated sessions of ornithological importance in the Spring and in Summer on a significant number of sample-areas within the territory as object of this study. During the Spring censuses were carried out for all 5 species of Alpin Galliformes, also in order to identify the areas of black grouse and capercaillie. At the same time it took place the monitoring of migration and reproduction of birds of prey in order to identify the nesting sites of the species studied in detail. During the summer season it has planned the census of nests and broods of Galliformes through the use of pointing dogs and monitoring of return migration of daily raptors.