GardenPark 2010

Competition of ideas: “Projects and ideas to reinterpret the garden: vertical and hanging gardens” City of Levico, the Autonomous Province of Trento, 2010.


The project in SUSPENDED GARDEN wants to reflect on the loss of land used for cultivation because of pollution and, at the same time, wants to be a provocative proposal to draw attention to an issue so relevant.

The title of the project not only expresses the idea of ​​a suspended garden in the air but also the idea of ​​a garden that has suspended fate, uncertain.

The project consists of balls that emerge from the ground and others, filled with helium and suspended in the air, raising the boxes filled with vegetables, replaced by waste ground.

People has the opportunity to interact with the balls pulling them down; this game element and is a symbol of hope with the message that lies in the basis of the project: as well as big and little men can pull vegetables down, and each of us can do something to safeguard and protect the environment, retaking our precious land.