Small garden

The garden is formed by two long and narrow portions divided by the walkway. It has a 60 m2 area and it is impossible to insert spaces for seats, relax and lunch areas, or whatever. According to customer’s needs we have designed an aesthetic and ornamental garden, well kept in form and dimension

The basic idea reproduces a Japanese garden (Karesansui) designed according to customer’s needs. We have designed and projected a natural landscape, in particular we have built a little water course that springs as mountain torrent running lugss and meanders till into the sea. Thus, there’s movement in the garden creating a continuity between the two green portions joining into one bigger.

The rocks are from Sarone and the coil has been carried out with Carrara white marble pebbles in order to highlight white colour on the green grass. There is an “islet” flowerbed for the planting of annual flowers and a herbs area.