Private garden


The area, more or less 190 m2, has a rectangular, long and narrow shape.

The customer wanted a garden aesthetically pleasing, with defined and precise lines, with no particular functional needs.

The design idea has been to stop this rigidity by inserting sinuous lines designing circular shape.

The centre of the garden has been found and highlighted, in connection with the building and different entries, thanks to a rounded flowerbed with an ornamental small tree and coloured flowers.

Drawing another semi-circle with the same centre other flowerbeds have been created as different areas for various uses.

Flowerbeds’ edges have been designed with white rocks to highlight the geometry, which is visible from terrace and house entry.

Different ornamental species will plant into these flowerbeds respecting the dimensions, the patterns and the different colours. Plants will be fixed in order to highlight the form and the volume of each flowerbed and design.

In the perimeter of the garden different hedges will be planted, especially berry-bush, while in the larger sides it will use an evergreen climber to leave enough space for grass.