Planning of green areas

Green Solutions deals with professionalismexpertise and passion of the design and implementation of any green space: gardens, parks, terraces, street furniture, green residential, natural and protected areas …

We propose ideas, offer advices, give support and everything that can be used to transform your space into original green areas and in harmony with the environment and respect for nature.

We are experts in the field of engineering nature and work carefully, trying to preserve the natural elements and reduce water and energy waste.

We use state of the art IT tools to provide a high quality design, we create and render three-dimensional models to show you with ease and clarity that will transform your green space according to your needs and desires.

We work with organizations, companies and groups for the arrangement of green residences, urban green, recovery and rehabilitation of degraded areas, mitigation of environmental impacts.

Depending on your needs we can offer the design of your green area and/or to take charge of the overall project execution, choosing the best professionals to carry out the work (irrigation systems, electrical systems, building works, swimming pools and ponds, furniture components …), following the direction of the person and the organization, choosing the plants and materials from nurseries and trust companies, providing a high quality at the right price and with appropriate timing.

If you want we will and we will assist also in later stages of  the service, maintenance and management of your green space.

We also offer individual assistance services and advice in specific sectors of the green, in design, in the choice of species, the maintenance and care of green and technical and practical advice to  have always a garden in a workmanlike manner.