For us, the project of a green area is not a simple sheet of paper with drawings and a list of plants.

Our task is to guide the client in the steps leading to the creation of the green, turning ideas, thoughts, passions, demands, needs, desires… in a green area unique and special!

In the first meeting, completely free, we will make an INSPECTION of the area of intervention and will listen to your needs and desires.

If it is not already available, we will make a SIGNIFICANT AREA to gain a detailed plan of the site and a census of the elements: plants, furniture, plants, power grids and water …

After we achieve a CONCEPT: a study of the area taking into account the visual perspective, the fine areas, no problems, walkways necessary, your information on the elements you want to delete or introduce … all this will lead to the drafting of a detailed description of the area, and the creation of design sketches.

Then we will present our PRELIMINAR PROJECTS, with floor plans, elevations, 3D models, renderings… improved and adjusted from time to time according to your preferences and our advices.

Once you define the structure of your garden, we will continue with a detailed analysis of the most suitable plants, the choice of materials, the design of the irrigation system and lighting and all the details and the details relating to the construction of the FINAL and EXECUTIVE DRAFT.

We will provide you a rough estimate and bill of quantities.

If you want it, then we can deal with part or all of the management for the realization of the work, choosing and contacting the best professionals, studying the quotes of different companies on the market, advising in the selection and purchase of the best plants and following all construction management, thus ensuring a green space created with quality and cost and timing content.

Finally, we will provide the ecessary assistance for the maintenance of your green area, with advices and tips for plant care, for optimal development of vegetation and turf.

We can directly implement small interventions such as installation of small plants, pruning, mowing, fertilizing, weeding and treatments for the cure of diseases.