BECAUSE we are dedicated to the environment, nature, ecology, plants, thanks to a long course of study that continues with continuous updates and courses.

BECAUSE we work with passion and attention not only beautiful but also to nature protection and landscape conservation, and those inhabit it; we try to design eco-friendly gardens, minimizing the waste of energy and environmental resources.

BECAUSE our goal is not to sell plants (maybe the ones that nobody wants, those who are sick, those that make us earn more money…), but is to make the green area that you want, choosing the best for you, looking the most suitable plants, the healthiest and the most beautiful available in nurseries.

BECAUSE we do not sell the materials and furniture that we have in our store at the price we want, but we recommend purchasing the best suited for the least cost.

BECAUSE our projects are not done hastily and offered free of charge, with the aim of making us work and then earn commission in the construction and materials, but there is a design behind all our serious work, a careful study of the territory, the issues present and the needs and desires of the customer.

BECAUSE we do not consider ourselves at the same time pedantic professors of botany, professional electricians and plumbers, bricklayers excellent, experienced carpenters … but we can make use of partnerships with companies and companies specialized in different areas, evaluate the different quotes and choose the most suitable for your figures needs, offering you the best at the right cost.

BECAUSE we do not design gardens online, because we are convinced that it makes sense to design a green area just looking at a picture or a plan, but it is essential “to live”, walk on, study the surrounding landscape, grasp the genius loci of the place, and deal face to face with the customer, creating a close relationship of trust and cooperation.

BECAUSE we are young, we are prepared, qualified, we study and remain abreast of the news, we use the new technologies, we have imagination, creativity and a lot of ideas to transform your green areas into unique and original works in a workmanlike manner.