Design, support and advice in all the steps necessary to create a green area.

These are our areas of intervention:



Do you want a garden than a lawn surrounded by a hedge, with some bush and tree in the middle placed here and there? Do you want a quality garden, designed to be beautiful, functional, customized to your needs and your tastes and perhaps natural, with butterflies, birds and squirrels?

It is essential that the budget you have available, or the size of the garden, or the secular age of the plants…the beauty and harmony of nature can be grasped in a small corner or in a single bed, provided they are designed and created with care, experience and passion.

We carry out the study area, the design and preliminary and work like you want it, and we offer complete assistance for its implementation and subsequent maintenance.

We design gardens in different areas, depending on the location and your preferences:

  • Modern and minimalist gardens
  • Gardens
  • Rock gardens
  • Water gardens
  • Japanese gardens
  • Natural gardens with low maintenance
  • Birdgardens and wildlifegardens



We design terraces with attention to the styles and needs of the customer, without neglecting the technical parameters, material properties and location (climate, exposure…). Studying a fair arrangement and type of the elements, we create relaxation areas, play areas, dining areas, we choose the most suitable furniture, the most beautiful plants, we mask the unwanted views and exalt the views. We also take care of green roofs and green walls, studying the latest techniques and using the most advanced materials to enable the realization of real gardens on terraces, garages, roofs etc…


We are engaged in the creation of green areas for corporate companies wishing to enhance outdoor spaces to its buildings, creating real parks and gardens. We can disguise and mitigate the visual impact of unsightly infrastructure such as warehouses, warehouses, factories…with hedges, trees, walls, plants, small green spaces and at the same time enhance the area offices or shopping centers with revenue of theater projects and recognizable, flowerbeds, fountains, topiary gardens… We design quality hotels, residences, farmhouses… taking into account the seasonality of the area and customers.


We design interventions in public green spaces, urban gardens, avenues, theme parks, picnic areas and natural areas, ecological corridors…taking into account important aspects such as the aesthetic quality of the work, the costs of operation and maintenance, the choice of native plants and resistant to pollution, the protection of biodiversity, the smooth integration of the works in the surrounding landscape. We work with architects and engineering for the creation of important works by offering them consulting in the fields of botany, ecology and nature.


With the latest techniques we are able to intervene in degraded natural environments, such as works of slopes, eroded riverbanks, quarries and landfills for recovery and rehabilitation of natural areas. We design naturalistic engineering works, constructed wetlands, biolakes…in public and/or private areas, based on the principles of naturalness and protection of the environment and landscape. We also handle insertions landscape of important works, with works by masking with native plants and works of environmental compensation. We work with large companies to design and construction of major works for the landscape and environmental components.


We offer advice and assistance on specific technical and maintenance of plants and turf, pruning, treatment of diseases, fertilizing, weeding…