Web Applications

The power of the web system and the use of Open Source software in the creation of computing platforms


Green Solutions manufactures and develops web applications in the field of wildlife, biological and veterinary-sanitary

We design and realize DATABASES with most common relational DBMS (MySQL – PostgreSQL) and we make them accessible on the web through the creation of a graphical interface in PHP.

The main purpose is to create a dynamic computerized data collection, accessible anywhere, customized according to the needs, and to ensure over time a filing system structured and searchable at any time.

Access to Databases Web occurs from any operating system through the use of one of the classic ”free” web browsers. Therefore it does not require any configuration and/or addition of other software on the clients.

This computerization opens the way for the creation of virtual “permanent” instruments and of crucial importance in the insertion,  management, consultation and processing of data of interest.

We develop Webgis systems to enable the geo-referencing of data on typical maps used for this purpose (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap, Virtual Earth). The use of these tools in synergy with Web Databases enables the development of powerful applications for spatial analysis.

We create, develop and manage customized Network  according to the needs of the project partners. Such systems have as basis a data base able to record and classify each type of information that is considered important for the subsequent phase of processing.

We develop and manage computer systems of distance learning (e-learning) with characteristics of interactivity, dynamics and modularity.

We provide consultancy for the organization and standardization of data, so as to ensure the highest quality and lowest possible loss of information.